Who am I?

My name is Rebeca and I am a Spanish conference interpreter
specialised translator

I provide linguistic services from English, French and Italian into Spanish, being my main fields of expertise finance, international relations, education and marketing.

My work as a professional linguistic services provider consists in conveying the ideas and the message that my clients require to their target audience in the language or format that they understand.

This transmission of ideas can be made in multiple ways according to the client needs, and thus multiple are the services I provide: specialised translation (finance, economics, education and marketing, among others) conference interpreting (business, international relations, education, politics and alternative disciplines, among others —in its different types—), proofreading (both translated and original material), transcription, copywriting and web content services (image and content management in WordPress-based websites).

Moreover, I am currently following a formation in subtitling to be able to provide a more integrated pack of services.

Academic background

I am specialised in translation and interpreting thanks to my academic formation in two of the most important Spanish universities in the translation and interpreting fields.

I hold a Translation and Interpreting Bachelor’s degree by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, always among the top positions of the universities ranking,  and a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting by the Universidad de La Laguna, which collaborates directly with the SCIC (European Commission’s interpreting service) and from May 2017 is a proud member of the EMCI (European Masters in Conference Interpreting), a consortium of European universities in collaboration with the European Commission and the European Parliament.


My experience in the translation finance field dates to my university years, when I specialised in financial translation having a special interest in fact sheets and focusing my final paper on a comparison between terminology and structure between English and Spanish fact sheets (available in Spanish).

I continued my specialisation in economic and financial translation and started my Masters in Conference Interpreting, also broadening my practise experience in other fields. I started my first translation projects translating purchase agreements, personal documents, e-learning courses and transcriptions, and I also started my first interpreting missions in education seminars and international organisation conferences such as the FEBA (European Food Bank).

Before launching my career as full-time freelancer, I was interested in increasing my knowledge in finance from the inside and also knowing what is to be expected of a translator and interpreter from the client’s side. Thus, I started working as a translation project manager for more than a year at Kneip, (a fund data management Luxembourg-based company specialised in regulatory reporting registration and investment services). As a project manager, I have not only organised and supervised that the projects met the expected quality and professional standards, but I have also translated and proofread many of them (annual/semi-annual reports, KIIDs, fact sheets, prospectuses).

At the present time, I am based in Madrid working as a freelance linguistic services provider and building a trustworthy relationship with direct clients and agencies based on respect, quality, and flexibility.