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Professional linguistic services

Specialised translation, conference interpreting, proofreading, transcription and copywriting services from

English, French and Italian into Spanish.

Let them hear your voice, let them read your words.

Reach the world with your ideas in the #2 language in the world by number of speakers!

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Linguistic services



Simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, liaison…even remote interpreting!

At your event, your conference, your business meeting, your call or your travel.

Communicate your ideas with a professional interpreter, because your business matters.




I specialise in finance, economics, international organisations,
education and marketing. Do you have another type of text that needs translation?

I will evaluate my competencies on your project or get you in contact with a professional colleague specialised in your needs.


proofreading check.JPG


Revision, proofreading…if you are not sure of the final version of your text, I will revise it and make sure that it meets the standards of your business.


copywriting pen.JPG


Do you have a great idea but you don’t know how to put it into words?

I will create an attractive and dynamic text for your blog, site, brochure…just give me some indications and we will create a statement that lasts forever.

Spoken words fly away, written words remain

Verba volant, scrīpta mānent




An interview, a video, an audio file…words can reach the paper.

I will transcribe the text and send it to you in simple editable format.

Keeping record of the information!




Do you think I could help you in other tasks? Web content, image management, subtitling…I will be glad to hear your proposal and start a new challenge.


Interpreting, it consists on what? (II)

Following the introduction to interpreting I presented in this post, let’s go into further detail through the types of interpreting and the MnM, material and meeting needs. Types of interpreting Simultaneous interpreting Material: booth*, microphones, headphones. Meeting: big audience, one/multiple language pairs This type of interpreting is often used for conferences or talks when the room …

Interpreting, it consists on what? (I)

Interpreting is a discipline in which a person, the interpreter, orally translates a message from one language, the so-called source language, to another language, called target language. The interpreter will develop different strategies and techniques in order to convey the ideas of a speaker to an audience. Those strategies and techniques are trained in the different interpreting modalities …